The results

The project aims at increasing the supply of high-quality training provision for adult learners through the creation of flexible and engaging training focused on the technology Blockchain. This will allow adults to take advantage of one of the most disruptive technologies of the last few years, improving their access to digital services in every aspect of life and their employment opportunities. The project will produce the following tangible results:


  • B-Skills Toolkit: it provides educators with supporting materials and tools, necessary to implement, support, manage and assess effective training on blockchain for adult learners

  • B-Skills Simulator: it is a game-based online simulator reproducing in a visual way how Blockchain works. It will allow adult learners to understand in a simple way complex concepts related to Blockchain providing an accessible and motivating environment to promote adult learners’ engagement
  • B-Skills MOOC: it consists in an open web-based training course for adult learners supporting the achievement of basic digital competences related to Blockchain. It will enable adult learners to access digital services and employment opportunities provided by the Blockchain technology

  • Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (LTTA) for adult educators will focus on developing competencies for implementing basic training paths on Blockchain for adult learners
  • Dissemination materials: The B-Skills project foresee the design and delivery of several dissemination material such as the flyer and the E-Newsletters to share information and results with potential users – peers in the research field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers among others.

    ·         B-Skills Flyer 

    ·         B-Skills E-Newsletter nº1

    ·         B-Skills E-Newsletter nº2

    ·         B-Skills E-Newsletter nº3

    ·         B-Skills E-Newsletter nº4

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