The partners

Learnable (Coordinator)

Learnable is a community of experts working for years on the development of innovative educational practices. Learnable focuses to support European learners in acquiring soft and hard competencies that enable people to achieve their goals both in their work and life. Learnable is active in different sectors such as adult education, VET education, schools and higher education, promoting innovative educational methodologies in different fields such digital innovation, inclusion, linguistic skills, green economy and entrepreneurship. The community seeks innovative solutions in order to make education accessible and inclusive. Learnable supports the implementation of innovative educational methodologies aimed at enhancing the quality of the training offer, and supporting school-to-work transition and employability of the learners.


Málaga TechPark

Málaga TechPark, inaugurated in 1992 in Málaga (Spain), has become a great hub of innovative attraction in Andalucía and Europe, with both technology and innovation being key to its development. The Technopolis is an international benchmark that can be described as an encouraging focus of attraction for innovative companies and an ecosystem for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs.

Málaga TechPark has been specially designed to house all types of entities dealing with innovation. The Technopolis is a point of international reference in terms of science and technology parks where the Information Technologies sector dominate, both in Research and Development, and the manufacture of equipment and services, with an innovative and environmentally friendly approach. Other sectors present in the park are energy, engineering, circular economy, industrial, agri-food, biotechnology, among others. With over 630 businesses, and several key agents in the Andalusian Knowledge System, such as the University and its research groups, over 20.000 employees, an area of 200 hectares with an expansion project in progress, the PTA can be considered one of the main focuses for innovation and economic development in Andalusia.


Flow Productions

Flow Productions is a creative studio based in Faro engaged in studying and designing the most suitable digital solutions for various sectors such as Education, Health, Events, Cybersecurity and E-business. The entity collaborates with local companies, public authorities, educational centres and associations developing apps, games, videos, 2D animation, software, photography, design work and any other digital artefact. The company offers the following services: – Web/Mobile Applications – Educational online solutions – Graphic Design – Video Production – Digital Marketing – Content Strategy. By maintaining a commitment to research, the company is constantly up to date with new developments and techniques, able to evaluate its relevance and technical performance for individual projects. Flow Productions has been involved in different projects with local and European universities and public authorities such as in Germany and Estonia. It also has established a partnership called Ibericc Global between the Spanish province of Andalucia and the Portuguese Regional authority of Algarve, where the company is based, working on developing exchanges of ideas and synergies between the two institutions.


European Center of Entrepreneurship Competence & Excellence – ECECE (Austria)

E.C.E.C.E. is an international non-profit organization designed to promote and develop innovative pedagogical methodologies for the adult sector with focus on digital education and entrepreneurship. The NGO supports potential entrepreneurs and adults in general, in building their future careers and businesses, helping them to achieve their full potential in business and personal life through design thinking and collaborative learning. Its mission is to develop an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that enables young and adult learners to achieve their goals in life and business. ECECE continually researches new ideas, and values to generate new strategies for creating a positive lifelong learning environment. It cooperates with different international experts and organizations throughout Europe experimenting and designing new ways to foster growth and create business opportunities.


Social Hacker (Greece)

Social Hackers Academy (SHA) is a non-profit organization established in Athens (Greece), specialized in delivering training paths to young people and adults in general. SHA is committed to ensuring equal access to education, labor market and a future-proof career. The mission of the organization is to support vulnerable groups (adults with a low level of skills, refugees, migrants, unemployed, etc.) in getting access to quality tech education that leads to employment and a future-proof career. In this regard, the main goal of the entity is to integrate back into society people belonging to vulnerable groups, providing them digital and soft skills through dedicated training paths, seminars, meetups and workshops. The working areas of SHA are:

  • Education and Training: designing and delivering IT educational and training curricula
  • Link to local companies: establishing relationships with tech companies and startups through meetups, events, and career days
  • Digital Inclusion: designing and delivering training paths for vulnerable groups through the integration of good-case practices
  • IT Tools: the creation of applications, websites, and e-learning platforms
  • Capacity Building: doing capacity building activities to expand the educational and training model in other sectors and contexts


Edu Playground

Edu Playground is a non-profit organization committed to reskilling adult people through lifelong learning opportunities. Edu Playground develops national and international projects for the creation of educational tools that make adult learning more attractive, promoting active citizenship and skills development, and providing high-quality learning through a collaborative approach across the whole Europe. The mission of Edu Playground is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights, democratic values and international cooperation. The organization is oriented on accessing social rights for adults and youth, also fighting against discrimination, violence, xenophobia and exclusion. Edu Playground collaborates with municipalities, schools, local and national media and with different newspapers and online news media. In addition, the NGO also works on different marketing projects and have lengthy experience in providing digital skills and learning methodologies.


University of Málaga

Since its foundation in 1975, the Universidad de Málaga ( has become a significant promoter of scientific culture for the City of Malaga, providing on one side a broad basis for technology, research and development and on the other side a stimulating effect on a variety of cultural aspects. The University of Málaga is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing higher education and research institutions in Spain, with more than 2.000 professors and researchers and 38.000 students. The University of Malaga participates in BSKILLS through the cybersecurity research group NICS Lab.


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