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The recent B-Skills project meeting held in Athens, Greece, on January 11 and 12, emerged as a pivotal moment, underscoring the success and impact of achieved milestones. The gathering brought together representatives from seven entities across six countries: Learnable (Italy), Málaga TechPark & University of Málaga – NICS Lab (Spain), European Centre of Entrepreneurship Competence and Excellence (Austria), Flow Productions (Portugal), Edu Playground (Bulgaria), and Social Hackers (Greece).

At the heart of the discussions was the comprehensive evaluation of the B-Skills Toolkit. This indispensable resource, designed for trainers, offers essential materials and tools for practical Blockchain education. The meeting facilitated a thorough review of its implementation, with insightful discussions on enhancements to maximize its utility.

The B-Skills Simulator, an interactive game-based learning environment, underwent meticulous analysis. Deliberations focused on its effectiveness in simplifying intricate Blockchain concepts, sparking exploration into potential refinements.

A standout accomplishment was the recognition of the B-Skills MOOC, an open online course tailored for adult learners. Participants lauded its impact on cultivating fundamental digital competencies related to Blockchain. Strategies for ongoing optimization were explored, emphasizing a commitment to delivering cutting-edge educational experiences.

In addition, the meeting saw active engagement in pilot testing, signifying the project’s dedication to real-world applicability and effectiveness.

The session concluded with a comprehensive review of the project’s communication activities. Effective dissemination materials, including brochures and newsletters, were discussed in depth, reflecting a commitment to sharing insights with diverse audiences, spanning research, industry, and policymakers.

This gathering not only celebrated past achievements but also reaffirmed the consortium’s unwavering dedication to advancing Blockchain education.


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